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Indoor Tent Packages

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Q & A

Q: How much space do I need?

A:  Each teepee/tent is approx. 4ft wide and 6ft tall and each mattress approx. 6ft long. We need a large clear area to set up that is free of furniture prior to our arrival. The teepees can be arranged in a variety of configurations to fit into your space. If you have any concerns about your space, please contact us to discuss and send pictures of your space and we can assess. Ideal set up locations are usually a open living area cleared of furniture.

Q: When should I book my date?

A:We do all we can to accommodate ALL requests! We recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance, but 6 is best, to allow us to customize each detail of your party. Each party is specifically customized based on your request. We appreciate early bookings to allow us to provide you with the ultimate sleepover party experience

Q: What is included in my Sleepover?

A: Each sleepover includes the tent, twin-sized mattress, fitted sheet, throw blanket, decorative pillows, styling decor, light, string lights, bed tray, balloon bundle, sleep mask, and small treat bag. Each theme varies slightly regarding actual styling decor and is subject to availability. We offer additional add-ons to make your party planning effortless as possible.

Q: How do I book my Teepee Sleepover?

A:Fill out our Booking Request Form with ALL of your party details. Pay your  nonrefundable deposit of $150 to save the date. Make sure your sleepover space is ready prior to our arrival. We do not move or rearrange furniture. Sit back, relax, and let us transform your space into a dreamy sleepover party. We will return the following day at the scheduled time to pack it all up.

Q: What themes do you offer?

A:The options are endless. Let us know what you want and we will make it happen. We love unique request!



Food and drink in tents

While we do include a bed tray, we appreciate guests only eating snacks such as popcorn and drinking clear liquids like water in the tents. Please avoid sticky items, dark liquids, and greasy foods to prevent stains or damage to the inventory. 


We include throw pillows and mattresses and ask that you DO NOT remove any protective coverings. This is important to protect the inventory. We remove and wash every item between uses and do not want you to remove it risking an accidental damage and additional fees. 

No Jumping on the Beds

We are not responsible for accidents or injury. We discourage jumping on beds to avoid accidental injury and to avoid additional expenses related to damage to Tents. Replacement fee of a Tent is $65.

The Sleepover


Accommodations for 1 night, 4 Guest

  • Your choice of Theme

  • Teepee Tent (4)

  • Balloon Bundle Per Tent

  • Personalized Sleep Mask (4) 

  • Gift Bag (4) *Contents differ by age, theme, and availability

  • Mattress  (4)

  • Bedding (Fitted Sheet and Blanket) (24

  • Bed Tray with Décor

  • Throw Pillow (4)

  • Decorative Pillow (4)

  • String Lights

  • Decorative Garland

  • Additional Guest $45 each and includes everything listed above for each guest.

We ask that you allow us 1.5 hours to set up (4)

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Paint & Sip

Starting at $125

Accommodations for 6 Guest

  • Canvas for each guest​ (Image Specific to Theme)
  • Paintbrush Stand stocked with brushes

  • Paint Pallett for each guest

  • Rinse Cup for each guest

  • Paint provided for the table to keep pallet stocked

  • Table Easel for each guest 

  • Table with seating and protective covering

  • Bottle of Sparkling Juice for Table

  • Drink Flute to Sip from

  • Paint Apron for each guest 

  • Additional Guest $20 each

We request that you rinse all items after use. The Canvas and Juice are yours to keep, everything else will be picked up. 

Spa'ah Party

Starting at $125

Accommodations for up to 6 Guests

This Spa'ah-mazing add on can be added to any party or can be booked as a stand alone party and includes: 

• Mirror, 1 per guest

• Bottle of Sparkling Juice

• Drink Flutes, 1 per guest

• Spa Headband, 1 per guest (assorted designs)
• Kid-Friendly B
ottle of Facial Spa Mask (Apply /Peel) for the table
• Hand-Moisturizer, 1 p
er guest

• Set of Nail Stickers, 1 per guest
• Freshly Laundered Soft linen (washcloths), 1 per guest
• Robe for Each Guest to Used during Party (with clothes
• Bowl to wash and rinse as needed, 1 per guest

• Mini-Bowl and applicator to apply Face Mask, 1 per guest
• Table set-up with floor cushions and a Rug

• Additional Guest can be added for $20 each

Guest keep all supplies except Mirror, Robe, and Furniture

Please allow us at least 1 hour for delivery/set up 


  • Elite Movie Screen with stand

  • Projector with Tripod

  • HDMI Hookup

  • Apple Lightning-HDMI

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • 1 Night Included, $25 per additional night

Please allow us 30 minutes for delivery/setup.

Indoor Movie Package


• Breakfast Bowl ($8 per guest)
Includes a personalized cereal bowl with a spoon and individual cereal box customized to match the theme of the party.

• Pamper Party Package ($20 per guest)
A mini-spa set that is set up on the Bed Tray with mirror, spa headband, moisturizer, press on nails, and a bowl with washcloth.
Guest keep all items except mirror.

• Concession Cart ($40)
Includes a three-tiered  cart filled with popcorn, popcorn containers, theater style candy, juice boxes or mini canned soda, water, napkins, and hand sanitizer for 6 persons.
Each additional guest is $8.
Guest keep all items except containers and cart.

• Balloon Garland ($30)
Choose up to 3 colors. Cluster Garland down the Person of Honor's Tent

• Robes for the Squad ($35)
Includes up to 6 freshly laundered robes with a hanging rack.
Message for Color choice and availability.
[Must be returned. $20 charge per misplaced Robe]

• Drink Bottle Favor ($8)
Plastic Water Bottle personalized with name or to match the party theme
with candy $8. 


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